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ATcomms has been in the Telecomms industry for over 15 years.

Since its Inception, ATcomms has been focused on providing the best services and after-sale services in the telecom industry and our testimonials speak for itself.

We focus on service before sales and each member of our team is skilled, understanding and, perhaps most importantly, friendly! Being a communications company we are focused on building and maintaining strong relationships with both customers and suppliers.

Through our strong network, we’re able to offer exclusive rates on the latest communications solutions
You can reach us at

0333 3580353
Our Service

Business lease lines What Is Business Lease Lines a

Business leased line is a dedicated data connection with a fixed bandwidth. It enables small, medium, and large businesses to connect to the internet in a secure, reliable, and highly efficient manner, with maximum download capacity, resilience, and uptime. Advantages of a leased line

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Business Mobile

Tailor-made plans to suit your business, giving you and your team the mobile telecoms solutions you need to stay connected while on the move.

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Business Landlines

Cost-effective business landlines for quality calls between clients and colleagues with a stable connection you can rely on.

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Business Broadband

Reliable fibre broadband on a dedicated service, delivering business telecommunications solutions that keep you online around the clock.

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Avoid the tolls charged by landline telephone networks and discover the future in affordable and reliable telecoms solutions.

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Why AT Comms

Business Objectives

We understand the pressure to make IT and communication more powerful in our business. Doing more at less cost is a central business concern for all of us.

AT Comms? will help you achieve that.

Our focus is on your business. Understand your needs and find the right solution for your budget. For example, you can consolidate your supply chain to fund a more efficient communications infrastructure, or improve overall IT efficiency with managed solutions to give your staff more time to focus on their business.

Agility and risk management sufficient to respond to changing market conditions for IT and communications are important requirements for any business to find out how ATcomms can help you feel free to contact us at

0333 3580353

Pricing Table

O2 Sim Only Deals


Data: 6GB

Text: Unlimited

Minutes: Unlimited


Data: 20GB

Text: Unlimited

Minutes: Unlimited


Data: 50GB

Text: Unlimited

Minutes: Unlimited


Data: Unlimited

Text: Unlimited

Minutes: Unlimited


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